Synergie Vacuum Massage Microdermabrasion Treatment

Microdermabrasion (MDA) uses ultra-fine crystals to gently exfoliate the uppermost layers of the skin. An extremely effective non-surgical procedure, this skin-renewing technique helps repair facial skin that has suffered the effects of sun exposure and aging by reducing fine lines, "crow's feet," age spots and acne scars.


 Virtually no side effects

 Gives the skin an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow

 Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

 Improves appearance of superficial skin damage caused by aging or sun exposure

 Reduces enlarged pores

 Excellent for skin sensitive to chemical procedures

 Increases circulation for healthier skin

 Normal activities can be resumed immediately

Traditional Facial Enjoy   the   relaxing   and   stimulating   experience   of the   traditional   facial,   consisting   of   cleansing,   toning &   moisturizing.   These   steps   enhance   the   results   of the     vacuum     massage     and     microdermabrasion treatments,    resulting    in    the    most    enjoyable    and effective treatment on the market.
Microdermabrasion A   Synergie™   Peel   microdermabrasion   treatment   is the   most   effective   way   to   exfoliate   and   rejuvenate the   skin.   This   safe   and   gentle   procedure,   known   as the    "lunchtime    peel,"    requires    no    recuperative period    -    you    can    go    right    back    to    your    daily activities with no interruptions.
Vacuum Massage Vacuum    massage    with    the    Synergie    AMS™    facial treatment   heads   provides   optimal   stimulation   of   the skin   and   the   underlying   tissues.   This   revolutionary aesthetic    treatment    gives    you    a    deep,    relaxing, comfortable   massage   while   exfoliating   the   skin   and increasing circulation.
Why our Synergie microdermabrasion treatments are unique and more effective

What is Microdermabrasion?

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Nu Aura Ultimate Spa Facial - A Nu Aura Favorite   This    ultimate    facial    experience    is    the    result    of    combining    a traditional     facial     with     the     benefits     of     facial     toning     and microdermabrasion.   Not   only   is   this   combination   treatment   the epitome    of    pampering,    but    it    is    unmatched    in    its    over-all effectiveness.    A     typical     treatment     regimen     consists     of     8 treatments   which   last   75   minutes   each.   The   treatments   should be 10 days apart. The    Nu    Aura    Ultimate    Spa    Facial    is    the    total    solution    for healthier   skin   that   looks   and   feels   great,   working   from   the   inside out, because beauty is more than skin deep.   Allow 75 minutes  Single Treatment: $125 Series of Eight: $850   Microdermabrasion   A   non-invasive   skin   rejuvenation   method   for   the   treatment   of acne    scarring,    sun    damage,    age    spots,    blemishes,    uneven pigmentation,   enlarged   pores   and   blackheads.   This   is   the   most effective   way   to   exfoliate   and   freshen   the   skin   -   it   stimulates   the production   of   skin   cells   and   collagen   -   helping   to   fight   against signs of aging. Restores a healthy, smooth feel to the skin. Safe for all skin types and color. Allow 45 minutes Single Treatment: $90 Series of Eight: $630   Spa Facial Toning   O ffers   a   deeply   relaxing   facial   massage.   A   therapeutic   vacuum massage   stimulates   elastin   and   collagen,   resulting   in   tightening of   the   skin.   Lifts   and   smoothes   fine   lines   and   wrinkles.   This revolutionary   aesthetic   treatment   delivers   a   deep   relaxing   and comfortable     massage.     Combine     with     other     treatments     to increase their effectiveness. Allow 30 minutes  Single Treatment: $40 Series of Eight: $280
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