Nu Aura Signature Spa Facial This   is   the   classic   traditional   facial   which   incorporates   a   deep   pore   cleansing   with   steam,   followed   by   an   exfoliation with   botanical   enzymes   and   extractions. A   unique   massage   treatment   for   the   face   and   neck   followed   by   a   hand,   arm   and shoulder massage, while a customized mask, ampoule and serum of the finest ingredients revitalizes your facial skin. 1 Hour $90 1 1/2 Hours $125 (   includes   facial,   hand,   arm   and   shoulder   massage;   a   scalp   massage   and   foot   massage   using   hot   stones   and   aromatherapy oils)  1/2 Hour Basic Facial $55 (excludes hand, arm, shoulder, scalp and foot massages) This facial treatment is by far the most requested. A Nu Aura favorite! Nu Aura Luxurious Four Layer Facial For All Skin Types: Dry/Sensitive skin - adds much needed moisture to lessen peeling and sensitivity. Oily/Combination skin - Rebalances the oils by providing natural hydration to lessen oil production. This   4   layer   facial   is   the   most   luxurious   facial   with   the   main   ingredient   being   organic   seaweed.   Concentrated   with   amino acids,   vitamins   and   minerals.   Each   layer   results   in   detoxification,   oxygenating,   rebalancing,   hydrating,   anti-aging   and renewed moisture. 1 Hour $130 with light massage of decolletage, shoulders and arms Gentleman's Hot Towel Facial Men   will   love   this   very   effective   and   deep   cleansing   facial.   Cleansing,   exfoliation   with   botanical   enzymes,   extractions followed   by   hot   towels   with   aromatherapy   oils   for   steaming   and   relaxation.   A   treatment   mask   for   each   skin   type   and   a soothing eye gel and compress while receiving a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. 1 Hour $85 Balancing and Purifying Acne Facial For   acne   prone   skin   of   all   ages.   Recommended   once   a   month.   Designed   specifically   for   clogged,   congested   and   acneic skin.   A   combination   of   active   enzymes   with   steam   to   remove   dull   surface   skin   cells   while   superior   botanicals,   glycolic and salicylic acids help with future breakouts. Controls oil production and heals the skin. 1 Hour $75 Aromatherapy Spa Facial A   delightful   aromatic   blend   of   pure   essential   oils   makes   this   facial   unforgettable.   Mask   options:   Sensitive,   Dry,   Oily, Combination, Acne. 1 Hour $75 De-stress Eye Treatment  This   anti-fatigue   and   anti-stress   treatment   hydrates   and   revitalizes   the   eye   area.   Eliminates   puffiness,   softens   wrinkles, diminishes fatigue circles and improves circulation. $40 When combined with another facial treatment $20 Nu Aura Seven Enhancers Enhance any spa facial treatment with one or more of active-enriched ampoules to target specific skin conditions. $20 each Optimal C Complexe Brightens, rejuvenates and smoothes wrinkles Propolis anti-inflammatory, lavender based for calming and healing D.N.A.   for   dehydrated,   uneven   textured   skin   and   dilated   pores.   Gardenia   oil   delivers   a   radiant   glow.   Deeply   hydrating and healing. Collagen   Jonquil   oil   for   toning   and   healing   dehydrated   skin   with   tendency   towards   dryness.   Reduces   fine   lines.   Hydrating and nourishing. Vitaminic   Concentrate   Vitamins A,   D.   and   E   help   to   repair   sun   damaged   skin. Anti-free   radical   for   dehydrated   and   aging skin. Contains azulene for soothing benefits. Mandarin essential oil brightens the complexion. Elastin   For   skin   with   lack   of   elasticity.   Contains   marine   elastin   for   anti-aging   and   jasmine   oil   for   deep   hydration. Improves texture and elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid Great for sun damaged skin. Provides hydration to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-oxidants and anti- free radicals firm the skin. ADVANCED THERAPY SPA FACIAL TREATMENTS Luminous C and Sea This   treatment   combines   a   high   potency   concentration   of   Vitamin   C   and   the   formulation   of   pure,   freeze-dried   seaweed. Reduces   fine   lines,   strengthens   skins   elasticity   (which   is   essential   for   anti-aging).   Counteracts   photo-aging   and   restores a youthful appearance. Astonishingly visible results that can only be described as luminous. 1 Hour $95 Plantomer Lift-Off Mask A   unique   combination   of   active   ingredients   rich   in   natural   antibiotics   and   Vitamin   A.   This   soft   lift   off   mask   is   an effective   treatment   that   soothes,   heals   and   strengthens.   Deeply   hydrating.   Leaves   the   skin   tight,   refreshed   with   an exceptional healthy glow. 1 Hour $95 RS2 Rosacea Treatment Facial This   treatment   is   abundant   in   the   most   beneficial   actives   -   phyto-estrogens,   green   tea,   vitamins   A,   B   and   C   and seaweed.   Licorice   rich   in   flavonoids.   Designed   for   Couperose,   Erythrose,   Rosacea   and Acne   Rosacea.   Reduces   blotchiness and irritation. Renders the skin healed, soothed, calmed and hydrated.   1 Hour $95   Myoxy-Caviar Treatment Mask   This   treatment   for   mature   skin   contains   the   latest   anti-aging   technology   with   high   performance   actives.   The   use   of caviar   in   its   purest   and   highest   concentration   delivers   the   ultimate   in   anti-aging   treatments.   Deeply   repairs   and replenishes, smoothes wrinkles, strengthens elasticity and provides immediate radiance.   1 Hour $125   Oxygenating Spa Facial   Oxygen   is   vital   for   healthy   and   youthful   skin.   Oxygenates   the   surface   of   the   skin   utilizing   the   natural   alpha   hydroxyl acids   of   sugar   cane,   citrus   and   apple.   Revitalizes,   brightens   and   restores   a   youthful   appearance. Activates   cellular   repair and shows immediate visible results.   1 Hour $95
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