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Mango-Passion DeAging SaltMousse Scrub   This   luxurious   body   scrub   delivers   an   aroma-sensory   experience.   Sea   salt   sloughs   off   dead   skin   and   removes impurities   and   toxins   by   gently   polishing   your   skin.   Benefits   are   Exfoliating,   Foaming.   Smoothing,   Energizing, and releasing negative Ions. Removed with warm towels with essential oils. 45 minutes $95   Silky Skin Body Scrub   This   body   treatment   begins   with   a   dry   body   brushing.   Relax   as   this   luxurious   creamy   body   scrub   gently   lifts   and loosens   dead   skin   cells   with   natural   Jojoba   granules.   Works   with   Rose   Essential   Oil,   Chamomile,   Sage,   Rosemary and   Allantoin   (extracted   from   plants)   to   exfoliate   the   skin   and   stimulate   circulation.   Removed   with   warm towels   followed   with   a   Preserve   Body   Moisturizer   application.   Benefits   are   smoothing,   polished,   energized   and glowing skin. 45 minutes $95
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